Don’t buy Kiwi Fruit from China!

Please circulate as far as possible, everyone must be informed and they can make their own choices. When this is being foisted on to the public without their knowledge, it is tantamount to criminal activity. You will have noticed some unusually large Kiwi fruit on the shelves and these look very attractive too!!!
No wonder we have so many sick people when they eat products like this, and there are many of both.

Don’t buy Kiwi Fruit from China!


The Kiwi Fruit are soaked with chemicals whilst growing on trees so they will grow larger and weigh heavier.


They are using some kind of chemical growth hormones that can have bad effects upon human nervous systems including metabolic disorders, birth defects, and retarded learning abilities of children.


The Kiwi fruits, after soaking in the Chemical Hormone will grow larger and are more preferred by the merchants because they are more profitable!  Most of the fruit are from the Sichuan area.




Just avoid Kiwi fruit from China if you care for your family’s safety!

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